Ethereum is the Unified API schema that didn’t exist

Ethereum smart contracts let us do things that were previously impossible using REST and GraphQL APIs.

A new kind of database

Every smart contract is writing to and reading from the same blockchain. All the data that has ever been stored, is stored here. This has previously never been possible. Imagine Facebook and Twitter using the same database.

This means that it is in the best interest of all the users to improve the database performance and speed in a collaborative way. There are 100s of DBs in the world — MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra etc. But each company, each set of opensource developers are contributing…

I got a lot of press. I hired a PR agency. The two were mutually exclusive.

[ First seen on Substack ]

We have been exploring growth channels for our company. Every once a while “PR” would come up. I talked to a few founders and tried to analyze what it meant to do PR. I found a lot of advice that didn’t work out for me. I learnt a lot of dirty secrets.

I had a news run about our company on the front page of a leading Indian newspaper, I had an article about our company on the leading tech publication on the planet. Both of these happened without hiring a PR agency. …

A language that was the source of my childhood trauma and a secret weapon as an adult.

I’m seeing two distinct cadre on Social Media — one asking for making Hindi a compulsory part of curriculum pan India, the other refusing to learn or speak the language. I’ve been at the center of this dichotomy and I wish for neither of the two sides to win. Here’s a small story of me growing up with Hindi.

I was born in Srirangam, Tamil Nadu and grew up in Faizabad (UP), Mumbai (Maharashtra), Vadodara (Gujarat) and Hyderabad (Telangana). Each state speaks a different language.

My family doesn’t speak Hindi. My parents were born and brought up in Tamil Nadu…

Twitter recently got a lot of attention for fact checking President Trump’s Tweet. This is dangerous at worst, futile at best.

These mega-platforms operate on attention as a currency. More re-tweets, more likes, more subscribers all mean more eyeballs on your content and on your life. The most successful YouTuber is the one who has the most subscribers. The biggest Twitter celebrity is the one with most followers.

It’s always a race to the top. You have to keep attracting a new audience every single day. That is when you reap the rewards. On Youtube you make actual money through ads as a consequence of having viewers watching the ads, on Twitter you win dozes of dopamine for social validation.



A thought experiment to explain why no-one is ‘all happy’

Everyone I’ve ever met seems to be unhappy in their own unique ways. I think I have a mental model to explain that.

All parties are the same

I noticed a pattern in all parties I’ve been to. It starts with a jolly mood. People start getting comfortable with each other. Then, they open up their problems to others. Sometimes in search for sympathy. Sometimes in search of a solution. Sometimes as humor. Sometimes just to blow off the whistle. I have nothing against it. I do it too. I want to know why we do what we do.

Everyone seems to be going through…

If you have an idea— act on it now. It’ll make you happy. I’ll tell you why.

What is an idea?

You are bombarded with information every moment. So much so that you’ve probably learnt to tune out most of it as noise. Even when it is not.

Humans thrive on their creative part of their brain. The creative brain keeps churning out ideas. It was the same biology that generated enough curiosity for early humans to rub stones together and create fire.

As they say, most ideas come in the shower. More accurately, ideas come when you free yourself of biases. Biases include — Do I have experience in this? Can I do this? How much will it cost me…

Patriarchy, religion and politics is eating away your peace

Keeping distance from status games will help you reclaim your peace of mind. I’ll show you how.

What is a status game?

A status game is a battle to have superiority over the other person. Status games are played to feed ego. It feels good to be right. It provides for a dopamine rush.

A person who portrays and defends opinions that are unprovable and unfalsifiable is one who’s playing status games. This is because once you are trying to defend the mentioned opinion, you are trying to prove that your opinion — and hence, your world view — is superior to your opponent.

When do people play status games?


I’ve been building apps for almost 7 years — I have decided to move on.

My job requires me to ship apps for my clients. I’ve built a robust framework over the last 4 months, have paying customers and many willing to do so — yet I feel native apps is a thing of the past. My startup needs to be ready for the future.

Why did I choose to build native apps in the first place?

They’re smooth and work just fine. Great performance.

You can install it from the app stores and trust that you won’t be scammed

You install an app and it shows up just along side Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Your phone screen is precious real estate.

A lot of our clients…

I’m a developer. I don’t have many designers on my speed dial.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve worked with a dozen designers. Most of them for UI design help. I feel I suck at it. I haven’t found any good UI designer, especially because my network doesn’t have that many designers.

I recently started working with a designer though. But her role is not UI design. UI design is one of the things she does. But is more proficient in designing the intangibles — strategy, product decisions, communication. Very important, but my UI design department is falling short.

It was recently I decided to take things in my own hands.


Can you connect me to the 5 smartest people you know?

I tried building a network by attending networking events. Very soon realized that it was a waste of time.

Restricting the people in my professional network

I’m very picky about whose advice I take. I realize there are a lot of people trying to seem smart by knowing-it-all. It’s hard to spot their fakeness.

The only filter that works is knowing them and talking to them over years.

I have only 5 such people in my network with whom I share and talk about all things professional. It is only their feedback I genuinely hear.

Nurturing relationships

For people whom I trust, I go out of the way to…

Madhavan Malolan

CEO ; hacker

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